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Wacom STU-530 color Signature Pad

Wacom STU-530 color Signature Pad

Wacom STU-530 color Signature Pad

  • Brand : Wacom
  • Product Code : STU-530/G0-ZX
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Amplify your brand

Wacom Signature Pads are perfect for professionals and business owners working with digital documents that require customers’ signatures. The STU-530 LCD Signature Pad features a high-quality, 5” color display, providing ample space for both signatures and promotional messages—an innovative way of communicating your brand to your customers at point-of-sale.

High-resolution images, logos, or marketing messages stand out on the vibrant display, and the ample display size offers plenty of space to incorporate soft keys or menu buttons. The STU-530 Signature Pad’s ergonomic design and improved thin, low profile, allows for a comfortable signing experience, where the user can easily view their signature as they write on the screen.

Wacom pen technology

The 1024 levels of pen pressure sensitivity allow for a natural signature capture on a familiar surface that emulates the feel of signing on paper. As with our other signature tablets, the STU-530 is based on Wacom's patented pen technology; the pen’s sensor registers relevant biometric information about the signature, creating a unique signature profile for each user based on their individual pressure sensitivity, writing rhythm, and writing speed.

STU-530 pens are cordless, battery-free, and require no maintenance; a pen tether is provided to prevent loss.

The STU-530 Signature Pad also features AES 256 bit encryption and RSA 2048 bit key exchange, for safe and secure transactions. Additionally, each unit is assigned a unique hardware ID in order to determine the exact unit that was used for a particular signature.

Please see the specifications tab for more details.

Facts & Features

  • STU-530 LCD signature pad featuring a 5" color display with WVGA 800x480 resolution
  • Cordless, battery-free pen
  • Nylon pen tether
  • USB data cable
  • Quick Start guide

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